Low Back Pain: There are non-medicinal options available, and massage is one of them!

Low back painTwo new independent clinical studies demonstrate that massage therapy eases pain and improves recovery time for people suffering from lower back injuries and burns.

“These findings emphasize what professional massage therapists know: massage is good medicine,” said Nancy Porambo, AMTA President. “Massage therapy provided by a professional massage therapist is being increasingly viewed by physicians and their patients as an important component of integrated care. Nearly 9 of 10 American consumers believe that massage can be effective in reducing pain. And, a growing body of clinical research continues to validate that.”

I understand low back pain. I’ve had it most of my life, and exacerbated it in my 20’s doing factory work. Massage helped me dramatically, and it can help you too. Read the full article for more details and information, then book your appointment with me to start toward your recovery and wellness.

Photo credit: AMTA (http://www.amta.com)