About Me

J.Wellman, LMT

As an athlete and advocate of the many forms of self-care, massage therapy is staple in my personal regimen. I strongly believe routine massage care have helped prevent many injuries and improved recovery time keeping me “in the game” longer and more often.

Massage therapy isn’t just for athletes.  In my early 20’s I was involved in a work-related accident.  A stocking-shelf loaded with inventory collapsed onto me, pinning my body against a conveyor belt. My back was badly injured causing me chronic pain for months afterwards. Through the combination of Massage Therapy and Chiropractic care, I made a full recovery. Today, I still receive routine massage therapy for ongoing wellness and maintenance.

Before my career in massage therapy I dedicated over a decade in Internet Marketing & Sales. Top digital agencies around the US and abroad, gave me challenge and insight in a digital world. It also brought a keen understanding of the harmful effects of long hours in front of a computer. Hypertension in the shoulders, neck, arms and muscle fatigue in the lower-back and gluteals are all side effects of our obligatory screen time. I have developed a treatment specifically designed for office workers that spend their days or nights typing away at a keyboard! Relief is possible.

I enjoy life as an active CrossFit athlete at Pioneer Valley CrossFit, exploring martial arts, yoga, running, hiking and other outdoor activities. I would say I fervently embrace a dedication to life and health and want to share with you by helping you get your body into balance, reduce your stress and relieve tension so that you can find your own sense of wellness.